My Cup Runneth Over

So much has happened since the last time I wrote on our blog back in February of 2014. With a little time spent on here, I’m going to attempt an extended testimony and update on my little family.

In August of 2014, Matt, Ethan and I made our first move as a family to Elizabethtown, KY. Our goal was to be more central to our church region for easier access to all of our churches, as we were acting youth coordinators for seven states. Our second goal was to be able to study and learn along side our regional overseer, Brother Estep and his wife, the work of a pastor.

They say life is what happens while you’re making plans. And life is exactly what happened. When we arrived to Elizabethtown, everything appeared to be fine. We were settling into our house nicely, our new church family was absolutely wonderful, Matt started a job at Aarons, and we were okay.

After some time passed, we discovered that Matt didn’t like nor was he very good at being a salesmen. And thus, he moved on looking for a better job that suited him more. He eventually found one, working as office manager for a church in the area. He immediately fell in love with the job and thouroughly enjoyed going in to work. Once again, all was well.

Come November, we went back home to Sturgis, Ky for Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful visit with Matts family. At the end of our visit, Matts parents, Matt and I all came down with what was diagnosed for Matt and I as bronchitis. Ethan also had a double ear infection. The week following our sickness, we were all really weak in body, but otherwise over what we had. It had been raining quite a bit and our backyard was rather muddy. We would normally pull our van up and to the back door, but because of all the rain, I was sure to tell Matt to make sure not to park there until after the ground dried up. Nevertheless, he parked there. Silly man. It’s okay though, we was only sitting there for about thirty minutes. Just long enough for Ethan and I to get ready to go out with Matt. We all got in the van and to no surprise… we were stuck. Eventually we got out, but not until after Matt attempted to push the van out of the rut we created. He then hurt his back trying to get us out. Don’t forget, his body was already fatigue from being sick. The next couple of days, his back just got worse to where he couldn’t even get out of bed. We made a trip to the ER, where we discovered he had a bone spur in his neck, as well as arthritis in his shoulders. Sent him home for rest with some mild pain reliever and muscle relaxers.

The next few days seemed to feel like weeks, and when I look back on all of the events that took place, I promise it felt lke months had passed between all of the things Matts body endured. He was able to go back to work, and was blessed enough to have such wonderful people that understood and kept paying him even for the time he was unable to go in. I’m still so thankful for them.

Matt was still in quite a bit of pain, and eventually, just couldn’t get out of bed without hurting. At some point he called out to me and we took him back to the ER. He ended up with a pretty bad bladder infection. They put him on antibiotics and sent us home.

Now for those of you who aren’t aware, Matt suffers from gout. Has since highschool. He gets pretty bad flare ups in his ankles and hands. That being said, one of the side effects of the antibiotics he was placed on was water retension… specifically in the ankles! Nevertheless, his gout in his left ankle flared up so badly, that walking was out of the question, because it caused to much pain for him. So he laid in bed as we tried to allow his body to heal itself.

Come Christmas time, we was still suffering from the gout in his ankle, but with the help of a walking stick was able to get around some. We packed up and headed to Oklahoma to be with my parents for Christmas. While we were there, Matt was still quite sore, but better. One morning, I was sitting in my parents living room while Matt showered and all of a sudden I was scared clean out of the recliner when I heard a big CRASH from the bathroom. Matt yelled out and I didn’t know what had happened. When I found him, he had fallen trying to get out of the shower and had landed on his left ankle. My husband played football. When you see him, he isn’t a small guy. Not saying he is fat by any means… but he isn’t somebody you would look at and want to mess with. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall on top of that. So all of his weight, on the ankle that was already hurting.

I tried to get him to go to the ER, but he insisted he was fine. At the end of our visit his ankle was swollen and even more sore. We went home. A few days after we got home, the pain and swelling in Matts ankle was so intense that he finally gave in to a visit to the ER. His ankle was not broken, just severely sprained. They placed a splint on his ankle and sent us home with crutches.

By the way, all of these visits to the ER since November would have been completely exhausting if it wasn’t for our wonderful Pastor and his wife who graciously took Ethan home with them several times. I really don’t know what I would have done without them.

At some point after we got home from Oklahoma, Matt lost all of his strength and was unable to walk completely, as well as lift himself off of the couch or bed. We ended up borrowing a wheelchair just so Matt could get around the house… but even that was difficult, because he eventually couldn’t even get in and out of it. Something was very wrong, we just didn’t know what.

One night Matt was complaining about chest pains and shortness of breath. Felt his heart was skipping. Because of this fact and because I couldn’t get him into the van on my own, we called an ambulance. Which was frustrating since we only lived a few blocks from the ER. He was taken by ambulance to the ER and Ethan and I followed behind in the van. After sitting in the hospital ER room for 12 hours, they were unable to find any cause for his chest pains. His EKG came back normal. The only thing that they could find, were abnormal levels in his blood indicating that there could be a blood clot somewhere in his leg that he fell on. But with further testing, they were unable to find one. We were sent home.

He still wasn’t getting better, and for a mother of a 1 year old and a husband that couldn’t take care of himself.. I was overwhelmed and finally… reached out for help. Our pastor came late one night and put Matt in the van. We loaded up our suitcases and went home to Sturgis.

When we got to my inlaws home about 11pm, my father in law was waiting for us, and my mother in law took Ethan while Matts dad, Matt and I drove to Henderson, Ky hospital. Would you believe we weren’t there for two hours and they already found the cause of his problems!? He was admitted with a blod clot that had traveled from his left leg, to his lungs. I don’t even like thinking about what would have happened had we waited any longer. We were in the hospital for eight days. He was placed on blood thinners. We were sent home. Still unable to care for himself, we stayed with Matts parents. The plan was, to stay with them until Matt was able to get around. Eventually, he was able to walk again, but not real well until about the first week or so of March. In this time, I had gone back to Elizabethtown and completely packed up all of our things and with the help of several wonderful ladies from Elizabethtown, moved all of our things, IN THE SNOW, to a storage unit in Elizabethtown. I also began working second shift for an assisted living facility. I remember crying everytime I had to leave my boys. Not that I didn’t think they weren’t being taken care of… but for the last couple of months, I had done everything for them, and all of a sudden, I was getting much needed help, but still quite overwhelmed. I hated leaving them, but I knew they were in good hands, and that what I was doing was still helping my little family.

So March came, and Matt and I began discussing our future. Our whole perspecitive on life as we knew it had changed. We knew we didn’t want our family to struggle anymore. To make this part of the story a little shorter, we made the decision to pack up what we had at Matts parents house, and move to Oklahoma. We would eventually be back for our stuff in storage.

So off we went. Matts health only got better from here. He started working again and things were finally turning around for us.

Now that wasn’t the end of our struggles by any means, but the worst was over. Then came June. We were living in a studio apartment attatched to my sisters house. Very thankful for the roof over our heads and trying very hard to somehow come up with enough funds each month to afford to live in Tulsa, OK on our own. But the end of June came, and I knew something wasn’t right. I went to my sister and asked for a pregnancy test strip. I snuck this test into our little bathroom in the middle of the afternoon… and as those lines showed up on the edge of the bathtub… my heart stopped. All of a sudden I couldn’t breath and I had no idea what to do. I went to my sister and reluctantly pulled out the test strip from my back pocket. What do I do? Do I wait to tell Matt, or do I tell him now? Ethan hung out with my sister and his cousins, while I went and sat down with Matt. I cried… he asked what was wrong. I spilled my guts, and he laughed! I was so taken back by his reaction that I started laughing and crying at the same time!

Not knowing where this road would lead or if we would even be in our own house before the new baby came, our excitement has grown over time.

Now I write this from our very own home that we bought from my cousin and his wife in December of 2015. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and our BABY GIRL is scheduled to arrive by c-section on March 22nd. WOW! After all of the valleys my family has come through… never would I have seen us here in this moment.

I am truly blessed and completely overwhelmed by the love and grace and mercy that God has bestowed upon my family. Never in any of our plans for the future did we think we would endure all we did after only three years of marriage. So close to losing the love of my life that I spent forever and a day looking for! So close to losing the father of my baby boy and being stuck in life without my best friend.

I got so angry at times, and other times I just wanted to walk away bceause I didn’t feel strong enough. The devil fought us from every angle and I felt stripped of my joy. I can honestly say though, with the battles we fought and came through… there’s nothing the devil can throw at us now. Because I can look back and see all that GOD brought us thru and know that He won’t forsake us. Not ever. Even in our weakness He is strong for me. Even when we are unfaithful, He is always faithful.

I’ve debated whether or not to share the details of the last year publicly, but then I wondered, what if somebody else right now, is going through the same thing and needs reassurance that GOD is GOD and He is faithful. What if somebody needs to hear that despite the trials we face and the descisions we feel are being made for us by life, that God is still watching and even though in the middle of the storm, you might not be able to look up and see blue skies, behind those stormy clouds is a blue sky and a faithful, loving, patient Father in heaven who sees the whole picture. And he holds it all in his steady hands.

Still the wife of a very handsome, hard working, healthy, loving man. Still the mother to a crazy wild two year old and soon to be little girl. So blessed.

My cup surely runneth over.

  • Denise Wright

Hot Valentine’s Day

Matt – “What’s on your mind honey?” Me – “Oh nothing, just wondering if you can feel the heat coming off my hands from across the room.”

I had Valentine’s Day all planned out. By the time my husband got home from work, dinner would be near completion, Ethan would be fed and content and Matts valentine from me would be awaiting his arrival. 

I was startled by a knock at the door this morning. It was flowers and a large bag of m&ms with a red bow tied around them. My husband knows I have a weakness for m&ms. So not good for my diet but they are my go to candy! 

So due to some personal family situations I went into one of my moods and started cleaning and rearranging my kitchen at 5pm instead of starting dinner. Finally get around to prepping dinner though. I pull out all of my ingredients. Monterey Jack cheese. Cream cheese. Chicken breast. Jalapeños. I was going to try a new recipe. Jalapeño popper stuffed chicken breasts. 

Having never dealt with fresh hot peppers of any kind, I was not aware that they could burn your skin. So I pulled out my knife and cutting board, rinsed the peppers, deseeded and deviened them, and began to dice them. 

About 15 minutes after finishing that small task i realize hey you know what, my fingernails kind of burn. Thinking nothing of it I continue to prep. By this time my husband is home and is playing with ethan in the other room. Before I know it my entire right hand is on fire, turning red and appears to be swelling. I immediately begin to run cold water over it. 

With my left hand I call my brother who has worked with produce for years now and has to be familiar with pepper burns. He suggested putting onions or potatoes on it to pull out the oils from the pepper, neither of which I have. 

To make a long drawn out horror story short, I tried everything from soaking my hands in milk, rubbing in mustard, olive oil, sugar, shampoo, hydrogen peroxide, even my mary Kay stuff that cleans your hands and makes them smooth (now my hands are smooth and on fire!!!)…The only thing that brought relief was cold water.  

I went to bed with neosporin and bandaids on my right hand on each finger and an ice pack. 5am, my hands are finally back to normal. 

Other than that, dinner was amazing! My husband says we should definitely have this meal again but next time I wear gloves. 🙂

This will be one valentines Day I will never forget! I sure do know how to make memories!

As my husband would say, happy February 14th everybody! 

The Joys of Motherhood


Ethan Tyler Wright! That’s right… you know when you hear your full name, you’ve gone and done it! The joys of being a mom. Changing a boys diaper when you are half asleep is a funny process. I’m still not sure where the pee went when I was changing his diaper this morning, but at only three months old, he sure thought that was funny and squealed as he smiled real big. I think he is more aware of what he is doing then we give him credit for. What a silly kid.

Yesterday was a tough day. Couldn’t seem to keep him happy no matter what I did! I was tired to say the least by the time I got in my bed. Then when he woke up this morning at 4 am, he ate and then wouldn’t go back to sleep. He screamed and screamed until finally I decided to wrap him up real tight and lay him in his bed… turned on his music/projector and talked to him in a sweet calm voice until he went back to sleep. Stubborn kid.

Today has been much better. I thought for a moment there that it wasn’t going to turn out so good, but he has been much better so far today. I’ll be honest, I let myself get frustrated sometimes, and I know he has to feel my frustration which I know doesn’t make the situation any better. Learning patience. I do love my boy very much though and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. Not even a nights rest.

– Denise

Thanks for the Laugh


Before you give me grief over the statement in today’s picture, know that I realize that we all do and say stupid things. I rarely call people stupid but I have to say the meaning behind my use of this word is foolish and senseless. It is amazing how ridiculous people can be! What happened you may ask?

My husband and I are trying to find a new home for our 4 year old Labrador / Golden Retriever mix. Mind you he is a very cute pup. What lab isn’t?! So we share his picture on a Facebook page in our county to try to find him another home and this guy comments on our post and asks if I’m serious about giving him away. How I must be joking. I said, “I beg your pardon?” He comments back, “he’s ugly. ” … okay I thought… so I replied… and I realize I shouldn’t be so mean but I was so baffled at this guy’s stupidity that I said, “you’re a jerk. If you don’t like him then don’t comment. ” simple as that right? The administrator of the page kindly removed the negative comments from my post. Thanks by the way. I laughed it off and went on. But can you believe it… He wasn’t done! He comes back and had the nerve to tell me he wants my dog! I basically told him you can’t be serious. I’d rather keep my dog then give it to someone who thinks he’s ugly! Do you think I’m stupid!? (Yes he said.) Grrr… Thanks for the laugh Facebook guy. I couldn’t stop laughing. I want to adopt him he said. I laughed even harder. Can you believe the nerve of this guy!? Call my dog ugly and then call me stupid and somehow in that I’m suppose to go, “Oh sure! Here’s my dog!” Really? What is wrong with people?
Finally I figured out how to block him so that he cannot see my post anymore! Good bye Facebook guy , and thanks for the laugh!

By the way the picture of our dog isn’t the greatest angle and I realize that, but he isn’t ugly. He is a very cute and cuddly guy.

– Denise

My Family Today


What a funny little boy I have. At only three months old he already makes me laugh so hard. Today I was feeding him and just singing random silly songs and he just stops eating and starts laughing! That makes me laugh which in turn makes him smile even bigger. He gets so excited some times and he doesn’t know what to do with all of that excitement. It usually comes out in a big squeal which scares him! Every day he gets a little more of his own personality. I’m so excited to see more and more of it come about. 

Can’t write long, I need to get some things in the house taken care of before my sweet husband gets home from work. Read an article from 1955 the other day about how a wife should treat her husband. It was actually being made fun of… but I couldn’t help but read it and think, there is nothing wrong with this and how awesome it would be for me to follow the article as best as I could! 



So far… I’m failing so I should go. Longer, better post tomorrow! 

– Denise

My Positive Influence

husband birthday quotesWe all have positive and negative influences in our life. Today I have been thinking a lot about my husband. Actually, I think a lot about my husband every day. But some days I think about where I would have been If we had never met. I remember thinking many times, “I wonder if I have ever met the man I will marry.” It was just a few years before Matt and I officially met that I heard him preach at one of our churches General Assemblies. I remember saying to myself, “I wonder if he is married. Probably. Most of the guys around here my age are married.” (Just for clarification, our church teaches from the KJV bible, and we don’t wear jewelry. No, not even wedding bands.) So it was very hard to “shop” for the right guy because you never knew who was married and who wasn’t! I digress. I do that a lot. It wasn’t many years later that we met and started dating and eventually married each other. I know I’ve told the story on here before, so if you want the juicy details read this post.

1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, and I had the privilege to meet Matthew Wright. It is so wonderful to know that God really does have our best interests at heart. I only wish we would have met sooner, so I could love him longer. He is my constant. Without him I feel empty and useless. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and father to our baby boy. This is my real life fairy tale! No matter what anybody tells you, dreams do come true. God will bless you when you least expect it, and sometimes when you least deserve it.

Last night my husband worked from 2pm to 6am just so he could bring more money home for us. He does so much to take care of us. I could have married a lazy guy. But I married Matt. And if I had it to do all over again, I would do it sooner. He is my strength and the most influential person in my life. He makes me want to be the best wife and mother I can be. And beyond that, the best person and Christian I can be. He always encourages me to better myself. We could all use a friend like that in our life. Lucky for me I’m married to him.

– Denise

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Tough Like Daddy


It was a cold, windy and snowy Friday morning. They stepped into the tiny room and closed the door behind them. It was just after ten and Ethan was being such a happy boy. He would laugh and coo as his mommy kissed his cheeks and tickled his belly button. Today was the day when Ethan would receive his first set of shots. At just three months old Ethan had so much character already. Everyone that saw him would say how good looking he was. That made his Mommy and Daddy very proud. “Just remember, Mommy loves you and I’m not the bad guy. And when that nurse comes in you just growl at her if you don’t like what she is doing. And you show her your muscles and tell her that you can do this because you are tough like Daddy!” Denise said. The nurse stepped in with the shots in hand. Denise didn’t know if should could handle this. The nurse first gave little Ethan an oral medicine. He looked at her with a “what do you think you are doing?” look and did just as his mommy said. He let out a big growl at the lady. Mommy and Daddy thought that was pretty funny. The time came for the shots. Ethan didn’t know what was coming but Mommy knew… and she wasn’t looking forward to it. She laid him on the bed and braced her heart. A shot in the right leg. Ethan got the most pitiful look on his face and that made Mommy laugh. “I must be a horrible mother.” she thought as she laughed and smiled and did her best to comfort him. A shot in the left leg. Mommy wasn’t sure if she should laugh or cry with her baby. Finally, it was over! The nurse placed a Bugs Bunny band-aid on each leg and called it done. Denise picked Ethan up and soothed him. “It’s all over now bubba. We can go home. You did a good job and was tough. Just like Daddy.” she said.

– The End –

I did it. I made it through his first set of shots! I’m so glad Matt was able to go with me this morning. Ethan did such a good job! Now he is wore out. Got home, filled his belly and now he is sleeping. Poor baby boy. He only cried for a few minutes. Once we got him out in the car though he settled down and went to sleep. I laughed though. I must be a horrible mother. I didn’t laugh because he was in pain. Obviously! I just couldn’t help but laugh at the faces he made as he cried. So pitiful and helpless. I guess it was my nervousness that made me laugh in the moment. I can’t be the only mother who has laughed in moments like this… am I? 

Please leave a comment below and share your stories and give me some assurance that I’m not a horrible mom for laughing in that moment! 

– Denise


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